Organic Cashews from Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the World’s largest exporters of cashews. Despite impressive growth, the Vietnamese cashew industry is facing many challenges, in particular a shrinking cultivation area and an unstableoutput. Reasons include  Aging trees and abnormal weather conditions have decreased yields Farmers preferred other crops for higher profits (for example rubber)Regardless of these challenges, Tradin Organic’s strictly organic operations in Vietnam have developed since 2001 into our most successful project to date. Back then, Tradin Organic and a local partner started with a small organic cashew and pineapple project in South Vietnam which soon evolved into larger projects across the country. This project now includes one of the few advanced organic cashew factories in the world. Through close monitoring by Tradin Organic’s quality control specialists, the  project operates with flawless supply. We are able to guarantee the organic traceability of the product by only processing raw materials from the farmers’  network under our internal control system.  The success of the project comes not only from the high quality of the produce but also from its positive social impact. The cashew processing plant employs 90 people in a rural area, enabling young people to stay close to their families instead of migrating to the city in search of work.  We also run a highly successful organic pineapple operation in Vietnam, find out more via the link below or in the Download section.