Organic Citrus Fruit from Mexico

In 2004, Tradin Organic established a direct sourcing project in the northern regions of Mexico - renowned for their citrus juice production - to start producing the freshest organic juices. This operation is managed and monitored by our US office located in Santa Cruz, California. Roughly 30% of production is early varieties like Arizona Sweet, Hamlin and Marsch, and the other 70% is pure Valencia oranges. Beyond sweet organic orange juice, we also produce a wide range of citrus derivatives of orange, lemon, grapefruit and lime, such as pulp, cold pressed peel oil, concentrated juice and essence oil.  We have worked side by side with local growers, to assure that the organic standards are met, while keeping their high quality taste.Please take a look at the video on our Mexican Citrus project above or on Youtube. Do you need more information? Then contact our team in Santa Cruz.