Organic Cocoa Project

The local partner Chokolate de San Isidro (CSI) is set up as a ‘social enterprise’ from public private partnerships and local entrepreneurs. The company is currently the only firm in the Philippines which adopts and is certified to the Sustainable Agriculture Network Standard / Rainforest Alliance, and has been exporting certified cacao beans since 2011.30% of the organization is owned by farmer cooperatives. The business model practically covers all the players in the value chain, considering the peculiarities in expertise, as a strategy to make the business sustainable and at the same time providing opportunities for small farm holders.Many officers and cooperative members have participated in project trainings, seminars, workshops and Farmer Field Schools and have received various kinds of on-farm assistance. Recently CSI received a complete set of quality assessment equipment, including a moisture meter, thermometer, weighing scale and  bean cut test device from the NGO ACDI/VOCA via it’s SUCCESS alliance (more here).In addition CSI received training and coaching in conducting cacao bean quality assessment under the Philippines National Standards for Cacao Beans.