Organic Coconut Oil

Tradin Organic has been working since 2006 with a young company in the Philippines that focuses entirely on producing organic CVCO of highest quality. To finance the young company’s learning curve and growth, Tradin Organic prepays  its repeated orders.The factory owners in turn share this funding by supporting financial needs of farmers in their network through advance payments for their produce. Since the start of its operations, the factory has bought coconuts at prices intended to support sustainable coconut farming. In early 2013, the young company and a cooperative of its farmers acquired the Fairtrade certification, which is why they now pay prices for coconuts under the Fairtrade International standard, established under the concept of ‘Cost of Sustainable Production’.The factory houses dehusked coconuts during transport from farm to factory in drums. This method of handling, transporting and staging the precious nuts protects and preserves their freshly harvested quality until being processed which reduces losses to an absolute minimum.   Do you need more information? Please find the info brochure for our Filippino Coconut Oil project in the Download section.