Organic Pineapple from Vietnam

Tradin Organic’s operations in Vietnam which have been developed since 2001, have turned into our most successful project to date. We started with our local partner Vifood with a small cashew and pineapple project in South Vietnam which evolved into larger projects across the country. Today, our Vietnamese operations supply an exceptional variety of premium organic products: cashews in all grades, pineapple, passion fruit, dragon fruit, bamboo shoots and tapioca. In the early years, we relocated our pineapple operations from South Vietnam to more pristine conditions in central Vietnam to prevent risk of cross-contamination. The success of this project derives not only from the high quality of the produce but also from its positive social impact. By providing support and training in organic farming, we teach farmers how to increase their yields without the use of agro-chemicals, resulting in higher returns. An additional, sustainable angle of this project is that we really use all of our precious organic pineapple crop: First class fruits are used for IQF and canning, while second grade fruit will be used as juice and concentrates.