Organic Sesame from Ethiopia

Tradin Organic is dedicated to offering certified organic sesame of the highest quality from Ethiopia. For cultivation, our operations engage with two farmers’ cooperatives - a total of 1500 farmers. Tradin Organic’s staff agronomists liaise with the farmers to check the crops, provide training on organic pest control and natural alternatives to agro-chemicals, fertilization and best practices to increase production according to organic farming standards. After the labour-intensive harvest, we transport organic seeds to our processing facility in Addis Ababa in Central Ethiopia. Selet Hulling PLC was established in December 2007 as a joint venture with Kaleb Service Farmers House (KSF). Selet Hulling’s production line was a pioneer in using the dry-hulling method in Ethiopia, with a capacity to produce 1,500 – 1,700 kg of organic hulled sesame seeds per hour. This project has not only had a positive impact on the Ethiopian economy, but also on the lives of many Ethiopian people. Benefits include a secure and steady job, a higher income from the organic premium product, local health and educational support and environmental preservation of the soil through organic farming practices. In order to further support the farmers’ families, Tradin Organic co-financed the construction of a school in Humera, so that children can attend high school closer to home and ultimately have the opportunity to go to university (should they wish).To find more information about both, sesame from Ethiopia and the school in Humera, please visit our download section. Also, there is the official Selet Hulling website for more information.