Organic Soy Beans from China

Tradin Organic's subsidiary in China, SunOpta Foods Dalian sources Organic Soy and a range of other products for us, such as Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower, and other beans to name a few.Organic Soybeans in particular are grown in the mountainous regions of North Eastern China, which are known to be the main soy bean growing area. Natural irrigation is provided by regular rain, and the area is known to be very cold (about -15℃ or lower) in winter, from November on. This area is famous for Soybean protein, which is 1-2% higher than other planting area. After sowing in April / May the soy plants grow until autumn. Harvest time is initiated when the green soy beans have grown harder and dried to 15 - 17% moisture. After harvest, the Organic Soy beans are dried further in the sun, and dehulled on the farm before transported to SunOpta Foods Dalian's warehouses where they are stored over the winter until they are processed to Organic Soy Meal. Find out more about our Chinese operation on their website,