Certified Organic Cocoa Liquor

Cocoa Liquor



Tradin Organic sources high grade organic cocoa beans, from various countries of origin, to the Crown of Holland factory in North Holland. The factory is dedicated entirely to processing certified and specialty cocoa beans into cocoa powder, butter and liquor. We rely on cutting-edge technology and processing methods to ensure our cocoa derivatives preserve their unique flavor profile. Crown of Holland specializes in a technique called whole-bean roasting, which is known to enhance the finest flavors in cocoa products. Nowadays this is an unique, traditional approach to roasting process. Unlike nib roasting, which is typical for most of processors, the whole-bean roasting method distinguishes our products in respect of smell and flavor. 


For every origin a unique flavor profile

The whole-bean roasting process enhances the unique flavor of the bean (origin/type), making the Cocoa Liquor the best ingredient for high quality (single origin) chocolates and other cocoa products. For example organic cocoa from Bolivia. The cooperative El Ceibo and its 1200 members is proudly growing organic cocoa beans of superior quality from 1988. The fruity/acid tasting notes are mainly dominating in this native Andean rainforest cocoa. The cooperative El Ceibo is deeply involved into rain forest environment protection. In this white paper we would like to guide you through our different origins and their unique tastes. 

The fineness of our cocoa liquor can be adapted to dark chocolate production (direct addition in the conche without refining). More detailed info on this is available upon request. Next to being the key component in chocolate, cocoa liquor can also be used for bakery, beverage, and confectionery applications. 



Our organic (EU, NOP) cocoa liquors can be offered in combination with a wide range of certifications such as Fairtrade, RFA, UTZ and more.



Direct sourcing model and in-house quality monitoring are key elements in ensuring organic integrity and product quality all the way from the farm to your door. Food safety and quality programs lead by our dedicated Quality Assurance team closely monitor all links of the supply chain to guarantee the safety and integrity of our products in addition to aligning to international certification standards.



We offer contract management, payment terms and advice on market and price developments in order to support our customers to buy at the right moment. Our Crown origin liquors are packed in blocks of 25 kilos but are also available for liquid deliveries upon request. Please contact Tradin Organic’s cocoa team for additional information. Samples and analysis certificate (including heavy metals analysis) are also available upon request. 

Please be sure to visit the Ingredients section and our Sourcing Projects to find out more about the origins and what else we can offer you.