Bringing Well-Being through Partnerships

With organic demand growing faster than supply, it is imperative that we actively build partnerships with our suppliers to ensure a sustainable supply of organic products into the future”;  

Joe Barsi, Tradin Organics U.S.A. Inc.


Tradin Organic works with a global network of suppliers and partners - only with the help of this wisely selected and trustworthy network, we can guarantee the organic integrity of our products along the supply chain. Strategic partnerships are other important elements. Tradin Organic was amongst the first commercial members of IFOAM, the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements. Since early 2014, we also support the European IFOAM Group as a main sponsor for their activities of lobbying for organic agriculture in Brussels.

To represent the organic label for cocoa during the World Cocoa Conference, Tradin Organic sponsored the event in June 2014 in Amsterdam.

We are supporters of Save our Soils, a campaign that aims to raise consumer awareness about the importance of soil for our health, food security and climate. It wants to make people aware of the problem of degraded soils, and point towards soilutions. The campaign aims to activate consumers to get creative and become soildiers for a better future. 

In autumn 2014 we joined Oxfam-Novib's entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs network, which helps entrepreneurs in developing countries for example by offering guidance and micro credits.